Craig Damm


Under Craig Damm's leadership, RSD Construction has grown into a reputable and successful company within the construction industry. Craig's journey from a junior level superintendent to the CEO reflects his dedication and expertise in various roles within the field.

Craig's early experience with a carpentry company during high school laid the foundation for his passion for the construction industry. He was captivated by the tangible results that emerged from hard work, creating a lasting impression on him. This passion and appreciation for the tangible outcomes of construction projects became a driving force in Craig's career.

As the founder and CEO of RSD Construction, Craig Damm envisioned more than just completing projects; he aimed to establish a company culture centered around a genuine passion for work. His vision goes beyond the mere completion of tasks; he seeks to create an environment where every team member is dedicated to the craft and strives for excellence.

One of Craig's key goals is to foster a sense of collaboration between RSD Construction and its clients. He wants clients to feel like active participants in a larger venture, working together to achieve the best possible results. This collaborative approach not only enhances the quality of the projects but also strengthens the relationships between RSD Construction and its clients.

In essence, Craig Damm's leadership philosophy emphasizes the importance of passion, collaboration, and a commitment to excellence within RSD Construction. Through his 15 years of experience and hands-on involvement in various roles, Craig has shaped RSD Construction into a company that not only delivers successful projects but also values the journey and the shared sense of accomplishment with clients.

Additional Team Members

Roland Kator

Business Development Manager

Brett Currens

Senior Project Manager